YITH: WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

Last Updated: August 5, 2019
Version: 1.2.16
Rating: 3.6
Developer: YITH Premium Plugins
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Product Description

Editing multiple products can be exhausting: maybe you just want to change the price, or quickly change the small description of all products of a given category. Don’t worry: with YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing, now you can easily change all your product fields with extreme spontaneity.

In a store time is money: imagine having to change the price to 1000 products one by one… that would take forever! And once you are done you would probably have to start over again. Consider the time spent doing this that you could have used doing other more productive things… it would be damaging for your business!

Whether you have a small shop or a huge e-commerce site, issues in modifying products are always the same: you are obliged to open product pages one by one to change the field you want. Furthermore, sometimes you need to edit the same thing over and over again, like small price adjustments during the holidays. And that’s when YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing can help you, making your life easier and the editing of your products quicker.

With our plugin, not only you will filter easily the products you want, in order to display only those you want to edit, but the editing procedure lets you also rename files with just one click. A powerful tool that will let you save hours and hours of precious time allowing to revise what you need, in addition to import and export products in a text file immediately!

What the plugin does You will be able to apply bulk actions to edit the products of your e-commerce.

How I can benefit from it:

You will save time by applying editings to more products at the same time without accessing, changing, and saving every product singularly. For example, you will increase or decrease the price of several products with just one click.
You will have full control over the fields to be chosen, custom fields included, to edit your products in a massive way.

Change Log

YITH: WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Changelog – Version: 1.2.16

New – sort products by SKU
New – filter by ‘Allow Backorders’
New – support to WooCommerce 3.7
Update – plugin framework
Update – language files
Fix – label for ‘Stock quantity’ field in Filters
Fix – bulk edit tabs freeze on hover
Tweak – prevent issue when product is not set
Tweak – fixed issue when selecting products on filters
Dev – added yith_wcbep_allow_editing_custom_fields_in_variations filter
Dev – added yith_wcbep_save_custom_field_{} filter