YITH: Paypal Adaptive Payments Premium

Last Updated: July 20, 2019
Version: 1.0.17
Rating: 5.4
Developer: YITH Premium Plugins
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Product Description

Sell your products online sharing your earnings with your collaborators or partners
Imagine this scenario:
you are spending time with a colleage while you get the idea of selling an online product together. After the initial moment of euphoria, a list of questions arise such as: How will we divide the income? When are we going to get paid? Who is going to keep track of the payments?

Unfortunately, in most cases, these questions do not have an easy solution and can cause a lot of frustrations.

This could be the case of a video course, a music file or any kind of creative work you decided to share 50% of your income with.

YITH PayPal Adaptive Payments for WooCommerce allows you to share the payments you receive on your store with all the partners you want, instantly and automatically.

You will just have to specify the share of the income and your partner’s PayPal account and our plugin will take care of the rest, using PayPal’s API keys it will let you share the payments of all of your sales and to receive the money immediately on each respective account.

This system is great! It will not only allow you to have a potential number of collaborators or partners, but you will also be able to handle them in a quick and easy way.

Besides, thanks to the compatibility with our best seller plugin YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor you can perform automatic payments to all of your vendors in order to save precious time.

YITH Paypal Adaptive Payments for WooCommerce doesn’t manage recurring payments.

The plugin is no longer purchasable since Paypal recently discontinued PayPal Adaptive Payments service.

Change Log

Changelog for YITH: Paypal Adaptive Payments Premium 1.0.17
New: Support to WordPress 5.2
Update: Plugin Framework