WYZI – Social Business Finder

Last Updated: June 10, 2019
Version: 2.3.0
Rating: 4.7
Developer: Themeforest
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Product Description

Wyzi Service Business Finder WordPress Theme is an advanced Social Business & Service Multi-Store Directory Theme, which targets to build a website that overcomes the gap between Businesses and Customers. You can have Listing Owner ( Service or Business Owner ) and Clients. Listing Owners have Dashboard to manage their Listings from. Admin can also create an unlimited number of Listings and manage them all from Backend. Business Owner can be a Company or a Manual Worker or a Doctor, and Clients can buy Products or book a Service from a Business Owner.

Each Business / Service Owner can have a Business Wall and post Business Statuses, share their News, Updates, Images & Videos, manage Booking Calendar, manage Appointments, plus sell Products & Post Job Vacancies. Business Owners have their own frontend profile. Customers can Like & Comment on Business Owners Statuses for direct interactivity between Businesses & Clients.

Booking is a powerful feature in Wyzi, where each Listing owner can have his own Calendar for each of his Listings, setting time spans, appointments spaces, custom fields, products linking for customers to pay and much more. Appointments requests can be accepted or rejected from owner Dashboard. Customers can also view their upcoming booking appointments from their User Dashboard.

Change Log

WYZI – Social Business Finder Changelog – Version: 2.3.0

Important Note – You need to clear your server & browser cache after this update as this update has new Enhancements in Toolkit options
– Amazing New Feature – Business Owners can now upload mp4 and mov in Wall and Host Videos on your website Directly
– New Feature – Option to specify maximum allowed MB to upload in one video
– New Feature – Android and iPhone compatibility for video uploads, Live Record & Upload
– New Feature – Hosted videos auto play when they become in view port
– New Feature – Uploading Videos become an option in membership privilege so admin can set which levels are allowed
– New Feature – New option Title Color in case no Logo is used in Theme Options
– New Feature – Version Number Check between Wyzi Theme & Wyzi Toolkit plugin added to Server Status
– New Feature – Added Single Business POsts pages videos when they exist
– New Feature – Added Whatsapp as a new Sharing Option for Business Pages, Business Posts & Offers
– Enhance – Removed Google plus from sharing options as Google plus is discontinued
– Enhance – Updated some Options for better Visualisation images especially Image Radio Options
– Enhance – Daily Update Posts Email for Favourited Businesses look & feel
– Enhance – Clicking on wall posts with offers should link to business tab offer page
– Enhance – Posts of Offers time linked now to WordPress settings
– Enhance – Changed all update_woocommerce_term_meta occurrences to update_term_meta for woocommerce future compatibility
– Enhance – Category Icons are not required anymore for Listings to behave properly on the Map
– Enhance – Google Login caused some errors on some systems after WordPress 5.2
– Enhance – Removed PHP allow_url_include from Server Status and from documentation requirements. It is not required anymore
– Enhance – Location Dropdown hierarchy with parent-child in Frontend and Backend up to 2 levels
– Fix – Fixed the safari Business Preview going right and causing uneeded horizontal Scroll
– Fix – Wyzi is now compatible with latest Option Tree version 2.7.3
– Fix – Fixed Compatibility issue with Latest Option Tree version 2.7.3 which caused the following error ot_validate_setting was called incorrectly. All stored data must be filtered through ot_validate_setting_input_safe, the typography option type is not using this filter. This is required since version 2.7.0.
– Fix – Special character if found in Site name, used to affect Wyzi Email Subjects
– Fix – On Offers created automatically on Wall Posts, fix the link of offers to got to business page directly
– Fix – Translation fixes for Posts of Offers titles
– Fix – Translation issue in User Dashboard style Like records per table & other translations
– Fix – Enter a location cannot be changed in translation, make it translatable
– Fix – Fixed “Warning: count()” error on php 7.2 in many different places for best compatibility with new PHP versions
– Fix – Bug Upon removing all images then Updating Listing Images from previously uploaded Images
– Fix – Removed PHP Warnings from Demo Imports for new PHP versions
– Fix – Removed PHP Warnings when importing Listings or Locations
– Fix – Fixed PHP warning in is_page to redirect user-account for non-logged in users
– Fix – Archive Map in Template 2 Loading icon did not disappear in map finishing loading
– Fix – Fixed primary color and hover color for post button upon posting on wall posts
– Fix – Fixed primary color and hover color for comment button upon posting on wall posts
– Fix – Fixed in template 2 Share for Post issue in css caused share to drop a line in latest chrome version
– Fix – Fixed Double parent location appearing in Header location drop down search