WPMU DEV: Snapshot Pro

Last Updated: July 20, 2019
Rating: 4.3
Developer: WPMU DEV
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The smart, automated, ready on-demand time-traveller from WPMU DEV. He’ll snap and store backups of your WordPress and Multisite for one-click restoration.

Have you ever made a change that broke your site, or been hacked and wished you could go back in time?

Snapshot creates full site automated and on-demand backups to both local and cloud servers.

Scheduled Backups
Hosted & Convenient
Direct to the Cloud
Finetune Controls

Change Log

Changelog for WPMU DEV: Snapshot Pro
– Improvement: Display in the Hub when managed backups are deactivated
– Improvement: Add zip filesize check and remove corrupted backups from being sent to the Hub
– Improvement: Make the symlink ignoring the default choice
– Fix: DB table data import fails due table structure