WP Speed of Light PRO Addon

Last Updated: July 19, 2019
Version: 2.5.1
Rating: 5.8
Developer: Premium Plugins
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Product Description

WP Speed of Light is a powerful WordPress Speed Plugin with technical and advanced features, yet accessible to everyone. WP Speed of Light comes with a cache and Gzip compression system, and includes, a resource minification tool, a database cleanup system, an htaccess optimization tool and an automatic cache cleaner. When it comes to measuring performance loading time, it requires some test to identify which plugin, theme or page may require more attention. WP Speed of Light includes a speed loading test and comparison tool.

The plugin PRO ADDON goes beyond with your WordPress speedup, where NO other plugins can go: Cache preloading, font optimization, DNS prefetching, database automatic cleanup, top-notch support, image compression and more!

WP Speed of Light is the only WordPress Speed Plugin that offers a global optimization in a single membership: WordPress Optimization, Image Compression, CDN Integration, Speed Testing. Furthermore, as our memberships are not limited by domain, you can run the same top-notch optimization on all your websites!

WP Speed of light for WordPress comes with a lot of optimization systems such as cache system: it generates more static content (HTML) therefore reducing the number of database queries required to load the page. Plus, you have the possibility of storing the major part of the heavy page resources (like images) in the browser cache. And you can clean it when you want! Full optimization list:

Static file cache system
Gzip data compression
Browser caching
Files group: CSS, JS, Local fonts, Google Fonts
Resources minification: HTML, CSS, JS
Specific mobile cache per device
Remove query string
Cache external scripts
Option to disable WordPress features like REST API, RSS feeds, Gravatar, Emojis
Automatic cache clean: by the interval, on save, by user group

Change Log

Changelog for WP Speed of Light PRO Addon 2.5.1
Fix Solve memory leaks on image lazy loading