WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro

Last Updated: July 14, 2019
Version: 3.0.8
Rating: 4.5
Developer: WP All Import Pro & Addons
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Product Description

Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce
Import simple, external, affiliate, variable, and grouped products to WooCommerce. Process large files, convert currencies, mark prices up or down, import images to product galleries, and perform cron-based recurring imports to sync inventory and keep product data and stock levels up to date.

The WooCommerce add-on for WP All Import makes it simple to import thousands of products to WooCommerce from any XML, CSV, or Excel file.

Every single WooCommerce product type and all WooCommerce options are supported. Every field that exists inside of WooCommerce has been included in our add-on. Nothing was left out.

WooCommerce XML imports? WooCommerce CSV imports? They are EASY with WP All Import.

The WooCommerce add-on runs inside WP All Import and looks just like WooCommerce. It’s almost like manually adding a product in WooCommerce, except it’s automatic makes it easy to add thousands of products at one time.

To import your data, just drag & drop the fields from your XML or CSV file, shown on the right, to the appropriate fields in WooCommerce, shown on the left.

Change Log

Changelog for WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro 3.0.8
improvement: add validation to catalog visibility field
improvement: match cross-sell products by title
API: new filter wp_all_import_get_prices_from_first_variation
API: new filter wp_all_import_variation_any_attribute
API: new filter wp_all_import_product_attributes_delimiter
bug fix: images not imported to first variation when ‘WooCommerce Additional Variation Images’ plugin is installed
bug fix: shipping class not imported properly in some cases
bug fix: prices for variable products with 1 variation are not imported in some cases
bug fix: product_visibility taxonomy for product variations not imported in some cases