WP All Import Pro – Import any XML or CSV file to WordPress

Last Updated: August 15, 2019
Version: 4.5.8-beta-1.1
Rating: 4.1
Developer: WP All Import Pro & Addons
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The most powerful solution for importing XML and CSV files to WordPress.
Import to Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types. Support for imports that run on a schedule, the ability to update existing imports, and much more. WordPress XML Import. WordPress CSV Import. People call WP All Import magical for a reason – it works with any XML or CSV file, imports images, and can easily import data to plugin and theme fields or anywhere else you need it.


WP All Import’s simple drag and drop interface make it extremely easy to map the data in your XML or CSV file to the appropriate fields in WordPress. The plugin works with any theme, any plugin, and supports images, Custom Fields, taxonomies, Custom Post Types, dates, and pretty much every other WordPress field. WP All Import is designed to be efficient with large imports – it splits large import files into smaller chunks – making it possible to import files with hundreds of megabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of records, even on shared hosting. WordPress XML imports? WordPress CSV imports? They are easy with WP All Import.

Import to any plugin or theme.
Import images from anywhere.
Automatic, scheduled import updates.
Import new data to existing content.
API hooks & PHP execution for developers.

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WP All Import Pro – Import any XML or CSV file to WordPress Changelog – Version: 4.5.8-beta-1.1

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