Wordfence Premium

Last Updated: July 25, 2019
Version: 7.3.5
Rating: 5.5
Developer: Premium Plugins
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Product Description

Real-time protection
With Wordfence premium your Firewall rules and Scan malware signatures are updated in real time, providing you with immediate protection against new threats and immediate detection of new malware and vulnerabilities.

Two-factor authentication
Wordfence premium enables two-factor authentication which adds another layer of security to your login page by requiring additional code. You can read more about two-factor authentication here.

Country blocking
Country blocking is a premium feature that allows you to restrict access to your login page or the whole site to specific countries. You can read more about Country Blocking here.

IP Blacklist
Wordfence users can choose to participate in the Wordfence Security Network. This allows us to track malicious behaviour of specific IP addresses on a large number of sites. When we notice that an IP address is behaving badly, it is automatically added to the Wordfence IP Blacklist. The Blacklist is a premium feature of Wordfence that completely blocks access to your site for those IP addresses.

Change Log

Changelog for Wordfence Premium 7.3.5
* Improvement: Improved tagging of the login endpoint for brute force protection.
* Improvement: Added additional information about reCAPTCHA to its setting control.
* Improvement: Added a constant that may be overridden to customize the expiration time of login verification email links.
* Improvement: reCAPTCHA keys are now tested on saving to prevent accidentally inputting a v2 key.
* Improvement: Added a setting to control the reCAPTCHA human/bot threshold.
* Improvement: Added a separate option to trigger removal of Login Security tables and data on deactivation.
* Improvement: Reworked the reCAPTCHA implementation to trigger the token check on login/registration form submission to avoid the token expiring.
* Fix: Widened the reCAPTCHA key fields to allow the full keys to be visible.
* Fix: Fixed encoding of the ellipsis character when reporting malware finds.
* Fix: Disabling the IP blacklist once again correctly clears the block cache.
* Fix: Addressed an issue when outbound UDP connections are blocked where the NTP check could log an error.
* Fix: Added handling for reCAPTCHA’s JavaScript failing to load, which previously blocked logging in.
* Fix: Fixed the functionality of the button to send 2FA grace period notifications.
* Fix: Fixed a missing icon for some help links when running in standalone mode.