WooPricely – Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Last Updated: July 15, 2019
Version: 1.2.1
Rating: 5.2
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

WooPricely is a multi-purpose pricing and discount toolkit for WooCommerce stores.  The plugin allows you automate product pricing, simple discount pricing, bulk pricing, tiered pricing, buy x get x pricing, buy x get y pricing, group pricing, cart discounts and cart fees by defining rules and conditions. These features are grouped into four easy to use modules, the modules include Product Pricing, Checkout Pricing, Checkout Discounts, and Checkout Fees

This highly flexible and easy to use plugin can be used to implement marketing strategies such as special offers, loyalty programs, special promotions, flash sales, Black Friday, Christmas Special offer, lifetime customers pricing , conditional pricing, membership pricing , wholesale pricing etc… allowing you to sell more and attract more customers to your store.

Product Pricing Module
Product pricing modules allows you to apply regular or sales price adjustment based on rules and conditions. This module can be used for a variety of product pricing strategies such as wholesale pricing, membership pricing, role base pricing… etc. the module can apply regular price, sale price or regular/sale price.

Regular Price Adjustment
Adjusts products regular prices based on the pricing rule

Sale Price Adjustment
Adjusts products sales prices based on the pricing rule

Regular/Sale Price Adjustment
Adjusts products regular and sales prices based on the pricing rule

Change Log

Changelog for WooPricely – Dynamic Pricing & Discounts 1.2.1
– Fixed bulk & tiered discount pricing bugs
– Updated cart & mini cart prices html
– Updated checkout pricing core