WooEvents – Calendar and Event Booking

Last Updated: June 12, 2019
Version: 3.5.3
Rating: 4.8
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

WooEvents is WordPress a plugin that helps you create events, events calendar, events map, events scheduler and manage all your online events easily. Allow visitors to register account, submit and booking events

Features list
Bookings, allow users to booking events
3 Main Purpose : Events, Style for Woocommerce, Custom (sell event and product with plugin style), Only use metadata (Sell only event or both with your theme style)
Recurring events – day, week, month, special day or custom date
Using WooCommerce to create event and sell tickets
Multiple Payment mode
Users submit Events
Email notification to admin when users submit event
Email to user when booking or booking success or cancel
User History booking
Events grid shortcode
Lists Countdown
Listing upcoming or past event
Ical import and Google Calendar support
Limit the number of bookings in an event
Custom ticket types
Free ticket support
Event status (number tickets, status tickets)
Calendar with tooltip, agenda week, agenda day, basic week, basic day view table
Calendar Shortcode
Table Shortcode
Timeline Shortcode
Block booking before X day event start
Single event with 3 layout
Listing filter bar (upcoming, ongoing, past)
Event Search widget
Event with scheduler
Event navigation
Event with speaker
Coupon code
Support category, tag
Visual Comporser Support
Custom thumbsize
Supper easy configuration
Barcode and PDF invoice support
Export to CSV attendees info
Delete all events has passed in one click
And more …

Change Log

WooEvents – Calendar and Event Booking Changelog – Version: 3.5.3

– Add support: Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce
– Add speaker to table shortcode
– Fix recurring event bug
– Fix email feedback show wrong content
– Fix calendar not working when do not select language
– Change show only upcoming in speaker page