WooCommerce Subscription Downloads

Last Updated: June 20, 2019
Version: 1.1.18
Rating: 3.3
Developer: Woocommerce Extensions
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Product Description

Offer additional downloads to your subscribers, via Downloadable products listed in your store.

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads enables you to offer downloadable products to your subscribers, while maintaining individual listings for each of your downloadable products, having them sold individually via your store, as well as via the subscription.

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads adds one new field to your downloadable products, in the Product Data meta box. Once you have your subscription product in place, the subscription can be searched for via the new Subscriptions field shown when adding your Downloadable product.

Easily update access permissions
When you update the files available for a downloadable product, your subscribers automatically receive the update.

Subscribers View
Your subscribers can find their downloads on their My Account >> Downloads page.

Change Log

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads Changelog – Version: 1.1.18

* Tweak – WC tested up to 3.6