WooCommerce Storefront – Toyshop Theme

Last Updated: May 12, 2019
Version: 2.0.19
Rating: 4.7
Developer: Woocommerce Themes
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Product Description

Add some fun to your store with ToyShop. The engaging and colorful design of ToyShop makes it a perfect child theme or any store that sells exciting products that are aimed at customers that like to have fun. The outdoorsy style would even be perfect for a flower shop.

Inspire some fun in your store with ToyShop
Toyshop is a Storefront child theme designed to be used by stores selling children’s products. It features a carefree, fun and friendly design that is full of character.

A colorful landscape is used as the store’s backdrop, complete with puffy white clouds on a light blue sky. There’s an even an option to change the “season” of the footer graphics, allowing you to match your store’s look and feel to the time of year!

Although designed with kids in mind, ToyShop is also an ideal theme for any shop selling a lighthearted catalog of products, and the nature theme of the design would make it perfect for outdoor/gardening products as well.

Change Log

WooCommerce Storefront – Toyshop Theme Changelog – Version: 2.0.19

2019.05.08 – version 2.0.19
* Fix – Correctly return default setting values in `storefront_setting_default_values()`.