WooCommerce Storefront – Arcade

Last Updated: May 12, 2019
Version: 2.1.8
Rating: 4.8
Developer: Woocommerce Themes
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Product Description

Upgrade your video game shops look and feel with Arcade. It’s a bold and modern design will engage visitors and the unique homepage layout will present them with a variety of products as soon as they hit your homepage.

Power up your video game store with Arcade
Arcade is a Storefront child theme featuring a design that has taken inspiration from a variety of game and tech stores all around the web. It’s bold and modern and includes a unique homepage layout designed specifically to showcase a wide range of products in a digestible format.

Arcade is built on the robust Storefront core parent theme that you know and love. This means you’ll always enjoy 100% compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce and various customer-facing WooCommerce extensions.

Have bigger ambitions? Install Storefront Mega Menus and take your Arcade-powered online shop to the next level instantly, no cheat codes required.

Change Log

WooCommerce Storefront – Arcade Changelog – Version: 2.1.8

2019.05.08 – version 2.1.8
* Fix – Correctly return default setting values in `storefront_setting_default_values()`.