WooCommerce Order Delivery

Last Updated: August 8, 2019
Version: 1.6.1
Rating: 3.2
Developer: Woocommerce Extensions
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Product Description

Manage Your E-commerce Delivery System with One Plugin
Improve your checkout process’ efficiency and satisfaction by letting your customers choose their preferred delivery date and time in a smooth and understandable way.

With Order Delivery your customers will get clear notifications about the expected delivery date and time of the package from a set of possibilities managed by the store owner that include local bank holidays, shipping methods and other factors.

This allows your shipping company to serve the order when it is best for your customer, which makes every shopping experience the best possible.

Why use Order Delivery?
Both a delivery date picker or the estimated delivery period system are integrated into the checkout process smoothly.
Besides the date, the customer can select an hour range that will depend on your configuration of daily shipments and shipping method selected.
Prioritize your orders with a sortable view. Order Delivery states the last day you may ship your order to meet your delivery day.
Specify dates where deliveries are not available, e.g. holidays or other events.
Calendar view for admins that allows you to check easily the days that you don’t produce and/or ship new orders due to holidays, renovation of machinery, etc.
Disable specific date ranges for shipping and/or delivering to specific countries or regions.
Excellent integration with “WooCommerce Subscriptions.”
Automated email notifications and admin views with the chosen delivery date.
Developer friendly, in case you want to extend or adapt the plugin’s functionality.

Change Log

WooCommerce Order Delivery Changelog – Version: 1.6.1

* Tweak – Updated calendar styles for supporting the new styles of the ‘Storefront’ theme.
* Tweak – Added compatibility with WC 3.7.
* Fix – Fixed warning when fetching the rates of a ‘Table Rate’ shipping method and the extension ‘Table Rate Shipping’ is not activated.
* Fix – Refresh field values after saving a time frame form.