WooCommerce Nested Category Layout

Last Updated: August 23, 2019
Version: 1.13.1
Rating: 3.3
Developer: Woocommerce Extensions
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Product Description

Show Your Shop Catalog by Category and Subcategory
The WooCommerce Nested Category Layout extension allows you to show products organized by category and sub-category on the shop and catalog pages. By breaking products up by subcategory, this plugin provides an intuitive and attractive catalog layout that your customers will appreciate. Here are before and after shots of the shop page using Nested Category Layout.

Default WooCommerce Category View

However, the more barriers you put in the way of finding a product or purchasing, the more likely customers are to leave your site, so we’ve sought to fix that with this plugin. Nested Category Layout cleans this process up and makes it simpler for the user. Instead of requiring customers to click through categories, then subcategories to get to products, it simply creates a list on the shop and/or category pages organized by category/subcategory, then allows customers to click a category/subcategory title if they want to see more products.

You can select which categories to nest and which to display normally and determine whether to show this layout on shop pages and category pages or just on category pages. Want to see this in action? You can check out the Demo Shop that has the plugin running to get a feel for how the shop and catalog pages are changed.

What does Nested Category Layout do?
Increase customer satisfaction and sales with an intuitive layout that separates products by subcategory
Select which category pages to alter, and which to render as normal
Easily configure the number of products per subcategory to display on the shop and catalog pages
Known compatibility with WooCommerce Themes and the Genesis Framework
Flexible, overrideable architecture allows customization and support for additional themes and frameworks

Change Log

WooCommerce Nested Category Layout Changelog – Version: 1.13.1

* Fix – Fix saving admin settings in WooCommerce 3.7