WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Last Updated: August 14, 2019
Version: 1.8.0
Rating: 4.1
Developer: Woocommerce Extensions
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Product Description

Get Insights Into Your WooCommerce Sales Funnel with Google Analytics Pro. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro turbocharges the integration between your WooCommerce store and your free Google Analytics account. Get detailed insights into your shop’s traffic and eCommerce events so that you can improve your sales funnel and drive more revenue.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro adds advanced event tracking to your WooCommerce store and automatically pushes these events into Google Analytics, letting you easily get insights into important metrics like average order value, conversion rate, sales by product or category, and other valuable data.

Why use Google Analytics Pro
Provides basic site tracking and analytics, such as page views or customer sessions
Includes all of the great features the free version has, like Universal Analytics and enhanced eCommerce tracking, but with more advanced event tracking
Allows you exclude shop managers from tracking along with site admins
Track User IDs for more accurate user counts
Tracks basic eCommerce events like “add to cart” or “checkout started”
Adds advanced eCommerce event tracking, such as “coupon addition/removal and “cart quantity changed”
Track manually added orders
Adds events for

customer actions

, such as sign in or out, or leaving a product review/comment
Adds order refund and cancellation tracking
Track customer email opens as events in the “Emails” category
Includes full support for Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior analysis reports NEW
Adds checkout options to get deeper insights into checkout choices made by customers, such as selected payment method NEW

Change Log

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Changelog – Version: 1.8.0

* Tweak – Send the user ID rather than the user login for signed in events
* Fix – Make sure the signed out event is shown under the My Account category rather than the general category
* Fix – Address a PHP warning that may be thrown in some circumstances when MonsterInsights is active
* Misc – Add support for WooCommerce 3.7
* Misc – Remove support for WooCommerce 2.6