WooCommerce Chained Products

Last Updated: July 17, 2019
Version: 2.9.3
Rating: 5.6
Developer: Woocommerce Extensions
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Product Description

Offering a bundle of your products at a lucrative discount is the easiest method to great sales in any store – and research has proven this across a variety of businesses – physical products, digital downloads or memberships.

We have all picked up discounted bundles of products when we go grocery shopping. Even when we don’t want them; we have either bought bigger quantities or multiple product bundles.

How can Chained Products help sell product bundles?
Chained Products is the best WooCommerce extension to create pre-configured product bundles and offers. When someone buys your main product, they get all the “chained” products automatically. You can create a bundle of multiple simple or variable products and chain as many products together as you like. Or give additional products for free (as a gift) while purchasing the main product. You can even combine multiple chained products to create massive combo deals.

5 Steps to Creating Chained Products
Select the products you want to bundle together – higher quantities or multiple products
Discount the bundle – simple mental math should prove this is an irresistible offer
Describe the value – of buying this combo, the benefits customers will derive from it
Prominently showcase your bundle – and invite people to buy the bundle instead of a single product
Create scarcity for extra impact – time, inventory or usage limit works great
What’s new in Chained Products?
Earlier, chained products prices were default set to zero and only the main product price was applicable. But now, you can configure chained products to be priced individually. All you need to do is check the “Price Individually” box for that chained product. Refer this doc for configuration: Configuring Priced Individually Chained products

Change Log

Changelog for WooCommerce Chained Products 2.9.3
* New: Compatibility with WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos plugin
* Fix: Incorrect product link when updating chained variation products in existing orders
* Fix: Infinite loop when a chained variation child product is deleted
* Update: Disable add to cart button for variation product if chained product is out of stock (When ‘Manage stock’ is enabled)
* Update: Renamed ‘Manage stock’ tip for better clarity
* Update: Welcome page
* Update: POT file