WooCommerce API Manager

Last Updated: July 20, 2019
Version: 2.0.20
Rating: 5.9
Developer: Woocommerce Extensions
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Product Description

Sell License Keys for Software and Automated Updates for Plugins and Themes. The WooCommerce API Manager secures your software with API License Key activations/deactivations and provides automatic updates of plugins and themes to increase customer satisfaction and convenience. Easy updates is a powerful marketing tool that only a handful of companies have been able to offer, until now.

Easy Configuration
The WooCommerce API Manager makes it easy to customize each specific product by using the API settings form. Information that appears on the plugin update information screen, such as the changelog, uses a page, so it is very easy to create, update, add images, video, or whatever you can do with the page editor in WordPress. Simple and variable products, even subscription products, can be configured to have their own unique API information, download file, and update information screen settings. For variable products that use the same settings, there is a global checkbox that allows a single form to be filled-in and applied to all variable products to save time and eliminate possible duplication errors.

Sell API Keys as a License for Software and Automated Updates
The WooCommerce API Manager secures your software with an API Key. By using an API Key client software has a full range of options to activate, deactivate, check the status of activation, get information about updates, check for updates, and more. All software downloads use secure, expiring, URLs to ensure only your customers have secure access to the software that was purchased. Software downloads can come from the WooCommerce store server, Amazon S3, or a remote server.

To make selling API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes really easy, after purchasing the WooCommerce API Manager access is granted to a PHP Library, maintained in a private Github repository, that can be dropped into a plugin and theme in less than 5 minutes to be ready for use with the WooCommerce API Manager.

Change Log

Changelog for WooCommerce API Manager 2.0.20
* New: Create, and allow access to, API Resources for Order status “processing” if WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Access Restriction > Grant access to downloadable products after payment is selected.
* New: Added method has_status_processing().
* Fix: Check if order object exists before proceeding in several methods to avoid errors when order does not exist.
* Fix: Clear data cache before deleting/removing order.