Ultimate Member: Followers

Last Updated: July 23, 2019
Version: 2.1.5
Rating: 4.7
Developer: Ultimate Member
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Product Description

Followers – With the followers’ extension, you can increase user interaction on your site by allowing users to follow each other.

Key Features

Adds a follow/unfollow button to user profiles
Displays followers/following stats on their profile
Adds a follow/unfollow button to profile cards on member directories
Shows follower/following stats on profile card on member directories
Allow users to restrict their profile to their followers only
Allow users to restrict their profile to only people they follow
Users receive an email notification when someone follows them
Users can turn off receiving email notifications from their account page
Show a user’s followers and/or who they are following in sidebar with widgets
Decide whether a user role can follow other users
Restrict which roles a user role can follow
Integrations with other extensions

Notifications – Users can receive a notification when someone follows them
Private Messages – Adds follow restrictions to private messages giving users more control over who can send them a private message

Change Log

Changelog for Ultimate Member: Followers 2.1.5
Fixed: Profile Tabs privacy