Ultimate Member: bbPress

Last Updated: July 17, 2019
Version: 2.0.6
Rating: 5.8
Developer: Ultimate Member
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Product Description

Integrates the popular forums plugin bbPress with Ultimate Member.

Key Features

Transfer bbPress user profile to Ultimate Member user profile automatically
All forum user links automatically redirected to Ultimate Member profile
Creates a forums tab on the Ultimate Member profile
Shows a user’s topics and replies on the forums tab
Shows count of topics and replies on profile
Allows user to control subscriptions and favorites from their profile
Lets you setup which roles can have a forums tab on their profile
Needs no bbPress template editing – works out of the box!

Content Restriction Features

Allow forums to be accessed by certain user roles
Allow topics to be accessed by certain user roles
Control which roles can post topics or replies in specific forum(s)
Allow/prevent a specific user role from creating new topics/replies in forums
Disable creation of new topics on specific week days on a user role basis
Manually disable creating new topics on user role basis


bbPress WordPress plugin

Change Log

Changelog for Ultimate Member: bbPress 2.0.6
* Added: Ability to rewrite templates via themes
* Fixed: Profile Tabs
* Fixed: Uninstall process