Toolset: Views – The Query Builder For WordPress

Last Updated: August 2, 2019
Version: 2.9.1
Rating: 3.5
Developer: WP Types - Toolset
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Product Description

Toolset Views – The Query Builder For WordPress
Views let you load any kind of content from the database and display with your design. It’s easy to use for non-programmers and feature-rich for advanced WordPress developers.
Select the Content to Load
Views make it easy to load the right content from the database. You start by selecting the content-type to load. Anything that appears in your site, Views can load for you.

Apply Filters
Many times you don’t need to display everything, but only specific items. For example, if you want to display “related stories”, “reviews for this product” or “speakers in this conference”. Views make this filtering simple and intuitive.

Style the Output
Views not only loads the right content from the database but also makes it easy to display it on the site’s front-end. You will use simple HTML to display the results in any way you choose. Views help you format the output with predefined styles, which you can edit fully.

Display on the Front-End
You can display Views anywhere on any site, built with any theme or page builder. You can add Views to pages, templates, archives and even widgets.

Change Log

Toolset: Views – The Query Builder For WordPress Changelog – Version: 2.9.1

Added a missing BS4 class to a radio custom field input in the View search controls.
Fixed the generation of checkbox frontend filters to avoid double labels.
Fixed a number of Relevanssi compatibility issues.
Fixed the Views listing intermediary post types related to a given post.
Fixed the new shortcodes GUI when a third party plugin loads a custom jQuery UI dialogs stylesheet.
Fixed the search in the Fields and Views dialog when using the browser-provided reset button.