Toolset: Forms – User Generated Content

Last Updated: July 26, 2019
Version: 2.5
Rating: 5.3
Developer: WP Types - Toolset
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Product Description

Forms lets you build forms that edit any WordPress content With Forms you can create classifieds, listing, membership and any other sites that require front-end content creation and editing.

Create And Edit Any Content Type From Front-End Forms
Forms lets you build forms for editing any WordPress content on the site’s front-end.

Forms will automatically include all the fields that belong to the content, including custom fields, taxonomy and relationships.

Create, Edit And Delete Content With Front-End Forms
Forms don’t only let you submit new content. It also lets you build forms that edit and even delete existing content.

Together with Toolset’s access control, Forms makes it possible to create complete front-end management for complex sites, so that users don’t need to ever visit the WordPress admin.

Toolset Forms Looks Great And Blend-In Smoothly
Forms automatically build forms with clean and simple HTML. Toolset forms look great in wide and narrow areas and in any theme. You have full control over the form’s HTML, so you can easily customize it to make it a native part of any site.

Charge Payments With WooCommerce Integration
Easily connect between WooCommerce products and Toolset forms to build commercial listing and membership sites. Enjoy the absolute flexibility of Forms and the stability and features of WooCommerc

Change Log

Changelog for Toolset: Forms – User Generated Content 2.5
Added support for Bootstrap 4.
Improved the GUI for inserting Forms shortcodes.
Fixed the validation of usernames in user forms by allowing to include core supported characters.
Fixed the context for optional messages to be displayed after submitting a form, when done with AJAX.
Fixed a compatibility issue with jQuery when used in strict mode.
Did some minor code adjustments to accommodate for Twig scoping inside Toolset Common.