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Last Updated: January 3, 2019
Version: 2.0.9
Rating: 4.4
Developer: Themify Themes
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Product Description

Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme to join the responsive theme family (Tisa, Suco, Elemin, Funki,Minblr, Wumblr, and iTheme2). It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually.

Change Log

Themify – Grido | WordPress Theme Changelog – Version: 2.0.9

2019.01.02 – version 2.0.9

* Updated to framework 4.2.2
* Fix: Missing CPT archive page title
* Fix: Ecommerce themes: external product type not redirecting