The Events Calendar: Community Events

Last Updated: July 22, 2019
Version: 4.6.3
Rating: 4.8
Developer: The Events Calendar
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Product Description

What does it do?
Accept user-submitted events on your site with Community Events, a helpful plugin that makes it easy to manage event submissions while also retaining full control over your calendar.

Community Events adds an event submission form to the frontend of your website so users can add events to your calendar without needing admin access. Standard event fields allow them to input basic event details, and you can even give them the ability to add categories and tags based on your predefined settings.

Plugin settings allow you to maintain complete event management control. You can require users to register with your site before submitting events (or not), choose whether events are published immediately or held as drafts for moderation, and control whether users can edit their events after submission. It’s all up to you – just configure your options and let the event submissions start rolling in.

Event Submission Form
Users fill out a simple form to add their event – no admin access required!

Publishing Control
Choose whether events are automatically published or held as a draft for moderation

Change Log

Changelog for The Events Calendar: Community Events 4.6.3
* Feature – Add shortcode attributes to change the Add New and View Your Submitted Events links to custom urls [128295]
* Tweak – A failed login now keeps the user on the front end login form, displays an error message, and the overall login form’s styling is more consistent; added new `tribe_events_community_successful_login_redirect_to` filter [40584]
* Tweak – Added filters: `tribe_events_community_edit_event_page_title`, `tribe_events_community_submit_event_page_title`, `tribe_events_community_remove_event_page_title`, `tribe_events_community_event_list_page_title`, `tribe_events_community_submit_event_page_title`, `tribe_events_community_successful_login_redirect_to`, `tribe_events_community_my_events_query_orderby`, `tribe_events_community_my_events_query_order`, `tribe_events_community_my_events_query`, `tribe_events_community_logout_url_redirect_to`, `tribe_events_community_submit_event_page_title`
* Tweak – Removed filters: `tribe_ce_edit_event_page_title`, `tribe_ce_submit_event_page_title`, `tribe_ce_remove_event_page_title`, `tribe_ce_event_list_page_title`, `tribe_ce_submit_event_page_title`, `tribe_ce_my_events_query_orderby`, `tribe_ce_my_events_query_order`, `tribe_ce_my_events_query`, `tribe_community_events_allowed_taxonomies`, `tribe_events_community_required_venue_fields`, `tribe_ce_submit_event_page_title`
* Tweak – Added actions: `tribe_events_community_event_submission_login_form`, `tribe_events_community_before_event_submission_page`, `tribe_events_community_before_event_submission_page_template`, `tribe_events_community_before_event_list_page`, `tribe_events_community_before_event_list_page_template`, `tribe_tribe_events_community_event_list_login_form`, `tribe_events_community_event_submission_login_form`, `tribe_events_community_event_list_table_row_actions`
* Tweak – Removed actions: `tribe_ce_event_submission_login_form`, `tribe_ce_before_event_submission_page`, `tribe_ce_before_event_submission_page_template`, `tribe_ce_before_event_list_page`, `tribe_ce_before_event_list_page_template`, `tribe_ce_event_list_login_form`, `tribe_ce_event_submission_login_form`, `tribe_ce_event_list_table_row_actions`
* Tweak – Changed views: `community/columns/title`, `community/edit-event`, `community/edit-organizer`, `community/edit-venue`, `community/email-template`, `community/event-list-shortcode`, `community/event-list`, `community/modules/custom`, `community/modules/custom/fields/dropdown`, `community/modules/custom/fields/input-option`, `community/modules/custom/fields/text`, `community/modules/custom/fields/textarea`, `community/modules/custom/fields/url`, `community/modules/custom/table-row`, `community/modules/custom/table`, `community/modules/taxonomy`
* Fix – Logged-in users not allowed to access the WordPress Dashboard (“Roles to block” setting) can now be redirected to a custom URL, whether on-site or off-site; the new default URL is the Community Events List View instead of the site’s homepage; added new `tribe_events_community_logout_url_redirect_to` filter [72214]
* Fix – tinyMCE.get(…) is null error on submit of event when visual editor is active [128515]
* Fix – Stop translating slugs and let the site owner set them if they so desire [98503]
* Fix – Events Calendar PRO Additional Fields section now renders well for accessibility (A11Y), has correct class names, and drop downs are enhanced with Select2 [127176]
* Fix – Change all namespacing of hooks to match plugin namespacing. Use `apply_filters_deprecated` and `do_action_deprecated` for backwards-compatibility [130084]
* Language: 29 new strings added, 164 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 9 obsoleted