Super Forms: PayPal Add-on

Last Updated: June 17, 2019
Version: 1.1.3
Rating: 4.1
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

Plugin description
With this Add-on for Super Forms, you can create forms where users will be redirected to the PayPal’s checkout page. From “subscriptions with trial period checkouts” to “simple one product checkouts” it’s all possible with this add-on for Super Forms. This add-on is also compatible with:

Super Forms – Front-end Register & Login (charge users for registering)
Super Forms – Front-end Posting (charge users for posting content)
Super Forms – Calculator
Because of its seamless integration with Super Forms your contact entries status will be updated after PayPal IPN has notified your website about successful payment. Along with this, a new Transaction will be created so a record of payments will be kept within your WordPress back-end. Within the back-end, you can also track current active/suspended/cancelled subscriptions


Enable PayPal Sandbox mode (for testing purposes only)
PayPal merchant email (to receive payments) – Your PayPal ID or an email address associated with your PayPal account. Email addresses must be confirmed.
PayPal currency code
Select whether or not to prompt buyers for a shipping address.
Prompt for an address, but do not require one.
Do not prompt for an address.
Prompt for an address and require one.
PayPal payment method
Single product or service checkout
Donation checkout
Subscription checkout
Cart checkout (for multiple product checkout)
Enable custom return URL
PayPal return URL (when a user successfully returns from PayPal) – The URL to which PayPal posts information about the payment, in the form of Instant Payment Notification messages.
PayPal cancel URL (when payment is cancelled by user) – User that cancels payment will be redirected to this URL

Change Log

Super Forms: PayPal Add-on Changelog – Version: 1.1.3

– Compliance: Working towards Envato WordPress Requirements Badge/Compliance – Escaping all Translatable strings