StudioPress Studio Pro Theme

Last Updated: March 1, 2019
Version: 2.3.0
Rating: 4.5
Developer: StudioPress
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Product Description

If you are a creative agency looking to showcase your portfolio to potential clients, Studio Pro is the perfect solution. Studio Pro is WooCommerce-ready and includes a number of features that make this a must-have theme for your creative business.

Studio Pro Theme
The Studio Pro Theme includes the following functionality:

custom header
HTML5 markup
landing page
mobile responsive
theme customizer
theme options
translation ready
layout options:

Change Log

StudioPress Studio Pro Theme Changelog – Version: 2.3.0

## [2.3.0] – 2018-10-10
* Added: Basic Gutenberg support and styles
* Added: Fitvids script for Gutenberg video block
* Added: Genesis Title Toggle plugin support
* Added: Stylelint config
* Added: Support for custom background color
* Added: Gulp WP Toolkit
* Changed: Now using dynamic constants
* Changed: Moved enqueue functions to separate file
* Changed: Rename page-header to hero-section
* Changed: Rename extras.php to general.php
* Changed: Update license to GPL 3+
* Changed: Genesis Connect only required if WooCommerce active
* Changed: Custom header image callback improvements
* Changed: Code formatting and alignment improvements
* Changed: Move setup functions to separate file
* Changed: Separate Customizer settings and output files
* Changed: Sepatate TGMPA and plugins config
* Fixed: Moz font smoothing typo
* Fixed: Itemref attribute on archive pages
* Fixed: Radial gradient not working in IE
* Fixed: Front Page 6 widget wrap issue in IE
* Fixed: Pagination aligment issue in IE
* Fixed: Portfolio items issue in Firefox
* Fixed: Front Page 1 minimum height
* Fixed: Word wrapping
* Fixed: Empty $url variable in custom header image callback
* Fixed: Empty excerpt and $id for posts page
* Fixed: Search page title font sizing
* Fixed: Post type archive $id check for custom header
* Removed: Simple Social Icons workaround
* Removed: Simple Social Icons transparent styling
* Removed: WooCommerce from recommended plugins
* Removed: Original Gulp file
* Removed: Commented out code