StudioPress: Genesis Sample Theme

Last Updated: July 20, 2019
Version: 3.0.0
Rating: 5.7
Developer: StudioPress
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Product Description

Thank you for using the Genesis Framework by StudioPress, and selecting the Genesis Sample theme. Features – 6 page layouts, custom background, custom header, custom menus, footer widgets, threaded comments

Genesis Sample: Better than ever before
The new Sample theme focuses on accessibility. We added the accessible mobile menu many of our recent themes feature as well as accessibility support for the 404 page. We’ve also added HTML5 support for gallery and captions.

The theme customizer is more robust, too. It now includes:

A custom header option which allows you to display a crisp, retina-ready version of your logo.
The option to dynamically change the primary link color.
An easy way to dynamically change the button background color. This update includes a lightness/darkness detector which automatically changes button text color so it maximizes readability no matter what button background color you use.
You’ll enjoy a number of other features like the After Entry Widget Area, Landing Page Template, and larger gravatars. The secondary navigation has been repositioned to the footer, too.

You might also spot a new font, Source Sans Pro and other design improvements like lighter navigation and footer widget backgrounds.

Here is a full list of the changes in this latest version of Genesis Sample:

Added accessibile mobile menu
Added accessibility support for the 404 Page
Added the custom header option to upload your own logo
Added customizer option for primary color
Added HTML5 support for gallery and captions
Optimized Avatars for Retina Display
Added the After Entry Widget Area
Repositioned the secondary navigation menu to the footer
Added theme defaults
Added Landing Page template
Added image size
Set localization
Updated XML file

Change Log

Changelog for StudioPress: Genesis Sample Theme 3.0.0
Requires Genesis 3.0.0+.

### Added
* AMP support. (Optional, off by default, requires Genesis 3.0.0 and the [AMP plugin](
* New `composer run phpcbf` command to fix simple PHP linting violations. ([GitHub version]( only.)

### Changed
* Use `position: sticky` for the header and remove JavaScript that adjusted header height and content position. This prevents content reflow after page load.
* Reorganized config folder for easier reading and maintenance.
* Use new `genesis_get_theme_handle()` and `genesis_get_theme_version()` functions from Genesis 3.0.0 in place of declaring `CHILD_THEME_HANDLE` and `CHILD_THEME_VERSION` constants.
* Update developer dependencies.

### Fixed
* Improved block column CSS for WordPress 5.2+.

### Removed
* Responsive menu scripts have been replaced with `genesis_register_responsive_menus()`, which loads required JavaScript from Genesis 3.0.0.
* `genesis-responsive-viewport` theme support declaration. This is now added by default in Genesis 3.0.0.
* Deleted Genesis nav extras filter and metabox removal. These are no longer present in Genesis 3.0.0.
* `child-theme-settings-genesis.php` file and filter. Genesis 3.0.0 no longer includes a settings admin page or `genesis_theme_settings_defaults` filter.
* `404-page` accessibility support, as this no longer has an effect.