SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

Last Updated: December 7, 2020
Version: 2.19.15
Rating: 4.4
Developer: Florian Simeth
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Product Description

snip is an innovative structured data plugin for WordPress that adds JSON+LD formatted snippets to your website. This is needed to help search engines understand the content on your page and give them explicit clues about the meaning of it.

Some of that structured data will show so-called “Rich Snippets” or “Rich Search Results” like stars, images and a lot more. Not only will this push your search results forward, using structured data is also a ranking factor of all major search engines, too.

What the heck is Structured Data?
As mentioned above, Structured Data allows search engines to understand what is on your pages. It is part of so-called technical SEO (search engine optimization). This helps not only Googles but crawlers like Amazons Alexa and Apples Siri to find the right answers to a question. As you can see: Structured Data is important for voice search, too! And this kind of things a more important than ever! Time to get started right now!

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Change Log

SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress Changelog – Version: 2.19.15
Fix: Global Snippets menu may not show up after upgrade to 2.19.14