SearchWP: WP Job Manager Integration

Last Updated: July 3, 2019
Version: 1.5.15
Rating: 3.4
Developer: SearchWP
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Product Description

WP Job Manager is a popular, well-written job board plugin with a thriving add-on library. WP Job Manager offers various search implementations for itself and add-ons. If you would like to enhance the keyword (only) aspect of those search fields, WP Job Manager Integration will do the trick.

Just by activating WP Job Manager Integration you’ll automatically enable SearchWP to handle the keyword search field for both WP Job Manager core and the Resume add-on. All of the other filters will remain functional and untouched, this extension merely restricts the keyword-provided results.

There are a number of filters to help with your WP Job Manager Integration implementation:

Whether the extension will integrate with Job Listing searches.

Change Log

SearchWP: WP Job Manager Integration Changelog – Version: 1.5.15

[Fix] Better support for searchwp_wpjmi_hijack_job_listing_search hook
[Fix] PHP Warning
[Fix] Trigger index after front end submissions
[Update] Updated updater