Restrict Content Pro – REST API

Last Updated: March 26, 2019
Version: 1.1
Rating: 4.6
Developer: Restrict Content Pro
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Product Description

This add-on provides a complete RESTful API that allows for developers and external applications to interact with membership data in Restrict Content Pro.

The RCP REST API provides the following operations:

Query member account records
Create new member account records
Update member account records
Delete member account records
Query payment records
Create new payment records
Update payment records
Delete payment records
Query recent earnings and signup statistics
What does this allow you to do?

With a complete REST API, the options are nearly limitless and subject mostly to your own imagination. A few example use cases could include:

A customer dashboard for viewing and managing member accounts
A mobile app for managing member and payment data
Easy integrations with other registration systems
REST APIs are a tool for developers that permits endless possibilities for more powerful platforms and integrations. Not a developer but have something you want to build? That’s okay! We have a list of consultants that are available for hire that are more than capable of building custom integrations on top of the Restrict Content Pro REST API.

Change Log

Restrict Content Pro – REST API Changelog – Version: 1.1

Version 1.1, February 7, 2019

New: Added new /customers and /memberships endpoints to support RCP 3.0. (The /members endpoint remains unchanged.)
New: Added new /levels endpoint for membership levels.
New: Allow filtering of /members/new response. The filters are: “rcp_rest_api_get_member_response” for a single member result and “rcp_rest_api_get_members_response” for an array of members.
New: Added support for cancelling member’s payment profile when passing the ‘cancel’ parameter via the /members endpoint.
New: Added support for setting the merchant subscription ID (“merchant_subscription_id”) when adding a member.