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Last Updated: March 26, 2019
Version: 1.0.2
Rating: 4.3
Developer: Restrict Content Pro
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Product Description

This professional add-on for Restrict Content Pro allows for customer’s membership information from Restrict Content Pro to be displayed inside of Help Scout when viewing tickets. It makes the membership details easily accessible and provides a direct link to view the member’s account, making it easy to update and access the member’s information.

With this integration, it’s easy for your support team to view and know the status of a customer’s membership, saving them time and making the process of providing customer support more efficient.

Help Scout is a paid service and a Help Scout account is required in order to use this add-on. Restrict Content Pro is not affiliated with Help Scout in any way.

Change Log

Restrict Content Pro – Help Scout Changelog – Version: 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2, February 18, 2019

Fix: Automatic updates not working from the admin dashboard.