Restrict Content Pro Group Accounts

Last Updated: May 7, 2019
Version: 1.4.2
Rating: 4.4
Developer: Restrict Content Pro
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Product Description

This Group Accounts add-on allows you to sell group memberships with multiple members through Restrict Content Pro.

With Group Accounts, a member can register an account that includes a set number of seats for “sub accounts”. Once registered, the group owner can then add or import accounts in order to give membership access to members of their group.

For example, a school teacher might register a group account for a class and then add each student in the class as a member of the group, granting each student access to members-only content and resources on the website.

Billing and account control (cancellations, upgrades, etc) is limited to group owners, meaning group members do not ever need to enter any payment details or worry about the status of their account. This makes it easy for organizations and other multi-member groups to manage access for their members without requiring that each member maintain their own account.

Unlimited groups
Per-membership level group settings
Maximum seats control to set the number of members each group may have
Complete group owner dashboard for updating group settings and adding/removing members
CSV import for group members
Supports all payment gateways
Supports upgrading and downgrading group accounts to control seat counts
Complete template files for customizing group dashboard display
Email invitations for group members
Works seamlessly with all other Pro add-ons

Change Log

Restrict Content Pro Group Accounts Changelog – Version: 1.4.2

Tweak: On Group admin pages, make username links more consistent. They now link to the member’s customer profile if one exists, or the user edit page if not. Fix: Group members cannot access restricted WooCommerce products when owner has access. Note: this fix will not take effect unless you’re also on RCP version 3.0.6+. Fix: [is_paid] and [is_not_paid] shortcodes not working as expected for group members. Note: this fix will not take effect unless you’re also on RCP version 3.0.6+. Fix: Group management shortcodes not rendering for group admins. Fix: PHP warning when importing group members on PHP 7.2+. Fix: Change membership_id and seat values when membership is upgraded.