PMPro: VAT Tax

Last Updated: July 10, 2019
Version: .52
Rating: 4.0
Developer: Paid Memberships Pro
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Product Description

Calculate VAT tax at checkout and allow customers with a VAT Number to avoid the tax.

How it Works
This plugin adds a new section on the Membership Checkout form titled “European Union Residents VAT”. The customer can select their EU country of residence from a drop-down box or enter their VAT number to avoid the tax. The entered VAT number is validated using the SOAP service provided through the European Commission [docs].

VAT rates are automatically calculated based on the constant rates defined in the plugin. The rates in our plugin are those currently listed by the European Commission [docs].

Change Log

Changelog for PMPro: VAT Tax .52
* ENHANCEMENT: Improved fields display on membership checkout page to use no tables for compatibility with Paid Memberships Pro v1.9.4.
* ENHANCEMENT: Added a pmprovat_calculated_taxes filter to modify TAX amount (in support of different VAT rates for different products, not charging VAT for certain products/levels, etc)