Oxygen – The Visual Website Builder

Last Updated: July 20, 2019
Version: 2.4.1
Rating: 4.0
Developer: Premium Plugins
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Product Description

Meet Oxygen 2.0, the visual site builder taking the world of WordPress by storm. Build everything visually. Say goodbye to bloated themes & clunky page builders. Oxygen is the new way to build WordPress websites. Unlimited Layout Possibilities. Combine sections, columns, and divs to create any layout.

Unlimited Layout Possibilities
Combine sections, columns, and divs to create any layout.
Drag To Set Element Spacing
Drag the edges of elements to adjust spacing. Or use automatic spacing to evenly distribute available space between or around elements.

Create Horizontal & Vertical Layouts
Oxygen makes it easy to create horizontal layouts. Other page builders make you “hack” it together with columns. Oxygen makes it easy.

Powerful Alignment Controls
Top left? Middle right? Bottom center? Oxygen’s powerful flexbox-based layout engine makes it easy.

Responsive By Default
Unmatched responsive customization is available, but you probably won’t need it.
Automatically Responsive
By default, at lower resolutions, section gutters vanish. Images shrink. Columns stack vertically. Visible menus collapse into toggles. Oxygen’s smart layout engine has you covered.Take Total Responsive Control
Based on device width, you can change element layout & alignment, reverse column orders, hide or show elements, and set different values for every single CSS property.

Change Log

Changelog for Oxygen – The Visual Website Builder 2.4.1
Oxygen 2.4.1 is a minor update which addresses the following bugs that were introduced in Oxygen 2.4.

Images inserted using the “Media Library” option sometimes stretch to fill the container, resulting in a blurry appearance.
Special characters in many Oxygen fields resulted in invalid shortcode warnings on the front end.
If your site was displaying images incorrectly or had invalid shortcode warnings on the front end after upgrading to Oxygen 2.4, this update should fix those issues.