Ninja Forms Conditional Logic

Last Updated: October 31, 2019
Version: 3.0.26
Rating: 4.8
Developer: Ninja Forms
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Product Description

Ninja Forms Conditional Logic

Build smart, dynamic, interactive WordPress forms that tailor themselves to what a user needs as they fill out the form.

Do your WordPress forms need to do more than collect the same information from every user? Need different form of the content presented based on user preferences/needs? Different actions or notification options to process based on how your guests fill out your form?

Conditional Logic is your solution for building smart, dynamic, interactive WordPress forms.

Have you ever tried building out a form that includes everything that everyone needs and wound up with a long, complicated mess?
Gotten frustrated with trying to have only certain actions or emails fire based on what a user indicates they need?
Convinced that you’ll need custom work done to make your forms behave as you want them to?
You won’t. Use Conditional Logic to dynamically change any form on the fly, as the user fills it out!

Build dynamic WordPress forms that shape themselves to your users’ needs
You can’t build every form for every user. Some forms simply must change dynamically to meet the needs of your audience. Improving user experience, boosting form conversion, and a better quality/relevance of the data you collect is only a few of the advantages.

Change Log

Ninja Forms Conditional Logic changelog
Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented actions from firing, even when they had no attached conditions.
Forms with a Stripe or PayPal action should now properly complete once returning from the payment screen.