Last Updated: May 15, 2019
Version: 2.1.3
Rating: 4.8
Developer: Themeforest
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Product Description

Meth is a flexible and simple to use portfolio theme for WordPress, with pixel perfect design and solid code. Use it as a standard multi-page or one-page theme and set up engaging layouts via an intuitive, widget-based approach.

A widget-based layout approach
You can create as many widgetized pages you wish, and create custom layouts using 4 custom section widgets. Through an intuitive drag-and drop UX with a native feel, you will be able to tailor the layout to your needs by filling widget settings and re-ordering the widgets that are listed below:

Section: Intro A hero section with a custom message for your visitors with an optional parallax effect.
Section: Blog Displays a section to showcase your latest posts
Section: Portfolio Displays a section with your portfolio items
Section: Features Easily add a section to highlight your key selling points
Section: Contact A custom message and a contact form as a section widget
Section: Team Displays a section with your team members
Section: Testimonials Showcase all the nice things your customers have said for you
Section: Static content Outputs the content of a static page with an optional parallax effect.
A minimalistic, sharp, consistent user interface
Designed with the finest ingredients, Meth’s interface is clean, consistent and easy to consume by your readers, and easy to setup and maintained by you. Thoughtful design decisions take the burden of styling customization, and offer just a handful of customizer options that make sense.

Change Log

Meth Changelog – Version: 2.1.3

= 2.1.3: May 15, 2019 =
* Fix undefined constant error
* Update Google fonts library
* Compatibility uptp WordPress v5.2