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Last Updated: May 14, 2019
Version: 1.3.0
Rating: 4.6
Developer: Meta Box
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Product Description

MB User Profile is an extension of the Meta Box plugin that allows you to create register, login and edit profile forms in the frontend. It works similar to MB Frontend Submission, but for the user profile. These forms can be embedded anywhere using the shortcode and require no custom code.

Custom fields for users, but in the frontend
The MB User Profile extension includes the MB User Meta extension, which allows you to add custom fields to a user profile. The disadvantage of the MB User Meta is it works only in the admin area. With the help of MB User Profile, you can create user forms in the frontend where you can edit user information easier than before.

Note that if you use MB User Profile, you don’t need to install MB User Meta.

Unlimited forms, unlimited custom fields
The MB User Profile extension includes 3 shortcodes for 3 types of form: login, register and edit user profile. In each shortcode, you can include any custom fields created by the Meta Box plugin. So, there is no limitation for a number of forms or fields in those forms.

For example, you can create 2 login forms using the provided shortcode for a sidebar widget and for the header. You also can create 2 user profile forms: one for general information, one for back accounts.

You can use the shortcodes to display user forms anywhere on your website – whether inside page content, text widget or within a custom PHP function (use do_shortcode). It’s flexible and user-friendly.

Change Log

Meta Box: User Profile Changelog – Version: 1.3.0

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