Meta Box: Admin Columns

Last Updated: May 14, 2019
Version: 1.4.2
Rating: 4.5
Developer: Meta Box
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Product Description

MB Admin Columns is an extension for the Meta Box plugin, which allows developers to show custom fields in the posts, terms and users lists in the WordPress admin area. You can set the column position, column title, make it sortable and/or searchable.

When developing WordPress themes, plugins or customizing a website, adding custom columns to the admin screens for entire posts or custom post types is one of the common tasks. The custom admin columns allow users to have a better overview of the content. For example: if we have a custom post type Book, then should need to show Book Author, Publisher, Number of Pages, Category in columns in the All Books screen (as shown in the screenshot above). By default, WordPress only displays a very limited content (title, date) on that screen and that’s not enough.

With MB Admin Columns, the task is resolved quickly. You just need to specify which custom field is displayed and leave the rest to the plugin. You can also change the column title, set its position and make it sortable or searchable.

Supports posts, terms and user
Since version 1.1.1, the MB Admin Columns supports not only post meta, but also term meta and user meta. You can use the plugin to display additional information for terms and users in the term list table and user list table.

Note that to add meta to terms and users, you need MB Term Meta and MB User Meta extensions.

Filter posts by taxonomies
Since version 1.2, MB Admin Columns allows you to filter posts by custom taxonomies. Simply set the taxonomy filterable and the rest is cared for by the plugin.

Note: If you want to use this functionality as a standalone plugin, please try Admin Taxonomy Filter.

Change Log

Meta Box: Admin Columns Changelog – Version: 1.4.2

Fixed searching not showing matched posts by title. And search query is showing an empty string.