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Last Updated: July 1, 2019
Version: 1.0.4
Rating: 4.5
Developer: Memberpress
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Product Description

MemberPress Downloads makes it possible to easily provide downloadable files to your members. Simply upload files (or images) to your membership site and get a downloadable link. Then track the number of times members download your files all while protecting them using the familiar MemberPress Rules!

MemberPress Downloads is designed to give you advanced access control and tracking of the PDF’s, images and zip files that you share with your members.
With MemberPress Downloads you can easily upload multiple files, tag or categorize them and list files with a single shortcode. You can even protect your files with MemberPress Rules just like you would any other content on your site.
The days of using the WordPress Media browser are gone. With MemberPress Downloads you are now in control of all the content for your memberships, including the files.
What Does It Do For Me?
Most people will use MemberPress Downloads to allow their members to download files that are relevant to their membership or course. Examples of files might be PDF reports or reference documents that your members print for offline usage. It could also be template documents for your members to use.
The plugin isn’t limited to just documents. You might also want to upload photos or video for your members to view.

Change Log

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