LoftLoader Pro – Preloader Plugin for WordPress

Last Updated: July 8, 2019
Version: 2.0.1
Rating: 5.8
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

Turn on or off preloader.
Choose to show on global site, or all pages.
Display on homepage only.
Show it to visitors once per session.
Choose to hide loader for selected types: products, portfolios, etc.
Choose to only show loader for selected post types: products, portfolios, etc. (New Feature)
Handpick, turn it on for specific pages or posts.
Display or hide the loader.
19 animations to choose.
6 support custom images.
Choose any color.
Animation loops forever, or just once (ends after page has loaded).
Solid or transparent.
Unlimited background color.
11 transition effects when ending: fade, split horizontally/vertically, slide to left, slide to right, slide up, shrink & fade, split & reveal vertically, split & reveal horizontally, or split diagonally (please see more information about split diagonally animations).
Opacity control. Lower the opacity to let visitors see through.
Gradient background color.
Background Image: Repeating pattern, or a full image (New Feature)
Show or hide progress indicator.
Choose progress bar, counting percentage, or both.
Set position. Top, middle, bottom, or below the loader.
Choose any color for it.
Adjust width and height of progress bar.
Choose one from Google fonts, change font size, weight, and letter spacing for percentage.
Put percentage behind animation, create unique design.
Custom Welcome Message
Display custom welcome/loading message.
Change font size of text.
Choose any color for text.
Set position. Top, bottom, or before the progress indicator.
Google font, font weight, and letter spacing settings.
Random Message – Check the example (New Feature).

Change Log

Changelog for LoftLoader Pro – Preloader Plugin for WordPress 2.0.1
* Improved: Improved plugin code in accordance with the latest Envato WordPress plugin requirements
* Fixed: PHP Conflict with some maintenance plugins
* Fixed: AJAX conflict with other plugins