LearnDash: ConvertKit

Last Updated: June 10, 2019
Version: 1.1.0
Rating: 4.6
Developer: LearnDash
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Product Description

Subscribe LearnDash students to ConvertKit lists and automatically segment them by course.
Simple setup
No need to make this complicated. All that is necessary to start subscribing students is to enter a valid ConvertKit API key and secret, and select the correct ConvertKit Form!

Display subscription form or automatically subscribe students
When enabled for a course, a prompt to subscribe to your newsletter will display during course registration for new students. If they’re logged in, all they need to do is click the button! You can also simply enable automatic subscriptions so that students are added to the proper ConvertKit form and Tags, without the student ever needing to click anything!

Automatically generate user tags for courses
Every course which exists on your LearnDash site will generate a new tag within your chosen ConvertKit Form. This will allow you to very easily send communications to students enrolled in particular courses.

Change Log

LearnDash: ConvertKit Changelog – Version: 1.1.0

Add auto-subscribe.