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Last Updated: July 19, 2019
Rating: 5.3
Developer: Jet Plugins
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JetBlocks. Must-have Widgets for Creating Headers & Footers. Enjoy the easy-to-use widgets made for enriching headers & footers with content. 8 Exquisite WidgetsFeel free to add and customize login form, sile logo, hamburger and nav menu, search form and other important content. JetBlocks widgets include everything needed for making headers and footers. Enjoy the enormous amount of stylization settings available for each of the JetBlocks widget. Add a hamburger menu, a login form or a search field without ever needing to write a single line of code.

JetBlocks plugin is made to be used in combination with Elementor v.2.0 PRO, as it requires an ability to build header and footer templates with Elementor. The widgets provided by JetBlocks will perfectly fit for Elementor PRO and enhance its functionality.

Meet the much-needed high-end sticky header functionality. It provides the ability to make the header stay fixed to the side of the screen when the page is scrolled. You’ll be also able to make sticky practically any section and change its appearance when it is made sticky.

This widget makes it extra easy to add and customize the textual and visual logo to the header or footer. It ensures that the website will have a retina and simple logo. You’ll also be able to make it linked, change its alignment, or typography in the case it is a textual logo.

Change Log

Changelog for Jet Blocks – for Elementor
* Fixed: title option in the Breadcrumbs widget