Interlinks Manager

Last Updated: May 14, 2019
Version: 1.2.2
Rating: 4.4
Developer: Codecanyon
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Product Description

One of the most important SEO strategies is to build a smart and effective internal links structure, with an optimized number of internal links for each post, that is at the same time relevant for the search engines and natural for the readers.

The Interlinks Manager plugin provides you with a series of tools that helps you develop this structure, so you can increase your website visits, sell more products or convert more users.

Analyze the interlinks
Inside the Dashboard menu, with regular expressions applied to your posts, and by tracking the users’ clicks, this plugin is able to retrieve information such as the number of manual internal links, the number of auto internal links, the number of visits generated with your internal links, the optimization status and more.

With this information at your disposal will be easy for you to add or remove internal links when needed, and always keep an optimized number of internal links in every post.

Calculate the link juice
The Juice menu gives you information about the flow of link juice on the URLs of your website, and provides, for each URL, a detailed list of all the single links that contribute to generate the overall link juice.

Get interlinks suggestions
The Interlinks Suggestions a meta box is a tool that helps you find articles related to the post being edited. By taking advantage of this algorithm you can save the time normally spent manually looking for new appropriate internal links.

Change Log

Interlinks Manager Changelog – Version: 1.2.2

The “Wizard”, “Categories” and “Maintenance” menus have been added – The internal inbound links of a post are now displayed in the “Internal Inbound Links” modal window available in the “Juice” menu – The “General Limit (Subtract MIL)” option has been added – Back-end improvements