Gravity Perks: Unique ID

Last Updated: June 10, 2019
Version: 1.3.14
Rating: 4.3
Developer: Gravity Perks
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Product Description

Generate alphanumeric, numeric or sequential “Unique ID” values for the entry when submitted. Applications are endless!
What does it do?
The Unique ID perk provides a new “Unique ID” field type which generates a unique ID for the entry when submitted. It supports several types of unique IDs including alphanumeric, numeric, and sequential.

Common Uses
Provide a set-length confirmation or reference number for each entry; could be displayed on the confirmation page and in notifications (i.e. “Your confirmation number is ABC142Z3”).
Maintain a sequential invoice number (a legal requirement for some countries)
Generate a unique coupon code that can be used on subsequent form submissions (tutorial coming soon!)
Generate a unique number for use in raffles
There are probably a hundred other ways this could be used. We would really love to hear how you’re using it!

How does it work?
This plugin provides a new “Unique ID” field type (available in the “Advanced Fields” group). When a form containing a “Unique ID” field is submitted, a unique ID is generated and populated for this field. The ID is unique to the form and field.

It’s important to note that in order to guarantee that the ID is truly unique, the field is populated only after the form has been successfully submitted. Since the field has no value prior to submission, this field is not visible on the frontend.

Change Log

Gravity Perks: Unique ID Changelog – Version: 1.3.14

Updated no longer process unique IDs for partial entries.