Gravity Flow: Stripe Extension

Last Updated: December 3, 2020
Version: 1.4
Rating: 4.5
Developer: Gravity Flow
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Product Description

Features & Benefits
The Gravity Flow Stripe Extension allows workflows to authorize payments during the initial form submission (pre-orders), capture or cancel the payment at a later date, refund payments and create and cancel recurring subscriptions.

For example, the form can take the credit card details and authorize a payment during the initial form submission. Then the form can have a series of User Input and Approval steps to complete a process. Then at the end of the process, the payment is captured.

The extension includes 4 step types:

Capture Payment – collects a payment that was authorized during the initial form submission.
Cancel Payment – voids the payment authorization.
Refund Payment – processes the refund of the payment (supports refunds of payments made for the current entry or any Stripe transaction made by any other form).
Cancel Subscription – cancels a subscription made by the current entry or a different entry.
Note that Stripe will automatically cancel (expire) an authorisation after 7 days so the workflow will need to capture the payment within one week.


The Gravity Flow Stripe Extension requires the latest versions of:

Gravity Forms
Gravity Flow
Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On

Change Log

Gravity Flow: Stripe Extension Changelog – Version: 1.4

– Added the Stripe Payment Form (Checkout) type step.
Requires Stripe Add-On 3.0+.
– Added the Wait for Subscription Event type step.
– Updated to support charges (PaymentIntents) created by Stripe Add-On 3.4+.
– Updated to support the Stripe account being overridden on the Stripe feed.