Give: Constant Contact

Last Updated: July 14, 2019
Version: 1.2.3
Rating: 4.9
Developer: Give Plugins
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Product Description

Allow your donors to easily opt-in to your cause’s Constant Contact powered email mailing lists when they donate. Donors can be added to a specific list that you can set for all forms or on a per form basis. This add-on provides a hassle-free Constant Contact integration.

About the Constant Contact Integration for Give
The Give Constant Contact add-on provides flexible functionality that allows you to set global and per-form settings for various subscription options. The plugin allows you to select one or more lists that donors will be automatically subscribed to when donating to specific causes if they opt-in. For instance, if you want only donors who give using your “Toys for Tots” donation form added to the “Christmas Giving Drive” mailing list this plugin provides that level of granular control. You also have the ability to enable a “global” newsletter list, which all donors can have the option of opting into on all donation forms. Setting up the plugin is a breeze. All you need is to enter your API key, select your options, and you’re set.

Why Constant Contact
Email marketing has proven itself as one of the most powerful ways to engage with donors. This Add-on makes it easy to integrate Give donations with Constant Contact. After a quick and well-documented setup, a checkbox is added to your donation forms so donors can easily opt-in to your email list(s). You can choose which lists to assign your donors to when they complete a donation on a per-form and global basis. There is a lot of flexibility in the configuration of the Add-on:

What Does this Add-on Do?
Adds an optional Constant Contact newsletter sign-up checkbox to each donation form
Integrates with your existing Constant Contact account
Customizable on global and per-form levels for complete control
Provides an easy way to increase newsletter signups and email marketing efforts

Change Log

Changelog for Give: Constant Contact 1.2.3
* Tweak: Removed deprecated hooks for added compatibility for Give Core 2.5.0+. Note: Please ensure you are using the latest version of Give Core prior to updating.