Genesis Design Palette Pro

Last Updated: May 10, 2019
Version: 1.7
Rating: 4.4
Developer: Premium Plugins, StudioPress
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Product Description

Quick and easy code-free customizations for your Genesis powered site. Don’t want to write code to customise your Genesis theme? You don’t have to. Design Palette Pro enables you to make quick, clean changes to your website’s design. Easily modify your StudioPress HTML5 child theme with Design Palette Pro. Design Palette Pro currently works with most StudioPress HTML5 child themes.

Code-Free Customizations
Before Design Palette Pro, there wasn’t much you could do to change up the look of your site if you didn’t know the code. Now you don’t have to write even a single line to modify your header or footer, navigation, content area, or sidebars.

Change Log

Genesis Design Palette Pro Changelog – Version: 1.7

* New: Font stack tool. Combined with Google Font add on includes access to 900+ Google Fonts.
* New: Component tool. Under the hood improvement that will make it easier to build support for new themes.
* New: Infinity Pro child theme support.
* Fixed: Issue with Authority Pro font stack.
* Fixed: Issue with Academy Pro Top Banner targets.
* Tested: With Genesis 2.10 and all is well.