EventON: Action User

Last Updated: July 17, 2019
Version: 2.1.15
Rating: 5.5
Developer: EventON
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Product Description

Power-up your eventON calendar with actionUser to allow front-end event submissions, user permissions control and a whole lot of other amazing features.

ActionUser addon is a whole 9 yards of an addon for eventON. It allows front-end event submissions with a huge array of variations and customization, front-end event manager, user permissions control and user assignments for events.

Other Features of ActionUser Addon
Event submissions success message be able to customize to allow submit another event

Redirect user to a custom link upon successful event submission

Send out notification emails upon new event submissions

Hide repeating event fields from form

Assign all users to an event

Add custom HTML field to event submission form

Captcha validation for event submissions

Collect name and email from non-logged-in event submissions

Change Log

Changelog for EventON: Action User 2.1.15
ADDED: notice in settings to disable notify submitter of event approval
ADDED: User capabilities to user profile in wp-admin
FIXED: edit events in event manager not working with organizer field values
FIXED: all day event & no end time deselecting not saving in event manager
FIXED: location and organizer from select list not saving