Envira Gallery: Slideshow Addon

Last Updated: May 19, 2019
Version: 1.3.3
Rating: 4.9
Developer: Envira Gallery & Addons
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Product Description

Turn your gallery lightbox view into a slideshow for your visitors. You can customize settings such as autoplay and slideshow speed.

Do you want to create a slideshow for your WordPress galleries?

You see most WordPress gallery slideshow plugins are bloated and will slow down your site. Half the time they don’t even work properly.

We saw this problem and fixed it by releasing a slideshow addon for Envira Gallery.

The slideshow addon enables you to create slideshows from your galleries.

Once enabled, you can choose to either enable/disable the slideshow setting on a per-gallery basis, and you can also adjust the autoplay and speed settings.

After the slideshow is enabled on your WordPress gallery, the toolbar will display pause/play UI elements for the slideshow. Assuming you have keyboard navigation enabled, you can also use the space bar to control the slideshow.

The slideshow works once the lightbox has been opened. You can set it so it starts automatically or when the user manually clicks to start the slideshow.

Change Log

Envira Gallery: Slideshow Addon Changelog – Version: 1.3.3

Fix: Adjusting in timing when navigating.