Easy Social Share Buttons

Last Updated: April 22, 2019
Version: 6.2.1
Rating: 4.3
Developer: Codecanyon
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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the best social sharing plugin – whatever your needs – because it is fully integrated across all of the popular social networks, and packed with every feature you could possibly want!

Choose from over 50 social networks to display on your site, customize the buttons, and decide how you want to arrange them. Simply drag and drop the icons, and replace default text with your own calls to action. You can also choose the automatic order by shares display that will simply display most used buttons in the beginning of list (yes we will do it automatically and you do not need to care for it). You can also set certain buttons to be active for mobile devices only. Try our different share button styles and functions for yourself:

Preview the buttons for every social network
Preview different styles that you can use with share buttons on site
A great way to allow readers to show their appreciation (love) for your content. This button uses an internal counter for each post or page. You can use it as a standalone button or in combination with other share buttons. You can also display a list of most loved posts using widget, shortcode or Visual Composer element anywhere on your site.

With more or share button you can make a unique visual look by changing the way your social share buttons appear. Now you have the option to show your most important buttons in front and also with a click expand all others that you wish to use. This can create a design that can fit in any case, width or template (for example Mashable style). The limit here is only your imagination. To be easy for you we have ready-made styles with popular use cases of those buttons that you can apply with a single click on selected location (after that you can easily modify them). Buttons support up to 7 different icons (2 for more button and 7 for share button), 5 different functions: show all networks after more (Mashable style), open all active networks in popup, open all social networks as popup or inline pop up with names or icons, display of text (share button only) or total share counter (share button only) and two visual styles: classic and modern.

Change Log

Easy Social Share Buttons Changelog – Version: 6.2.1

Version 6.2.1, April 21st, 2019
UPDATE Additional checks added to Facebook Client Side share counter update preventing and error message appearing in browser console when there are no shares for the URL